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Advantages of Open, Upright MRI Imaging

Traditional, diagnostic imaging requires the patient to lay down in an enclosed MRI machine. This experience may be accompanied by feelings of anxiety or claustrophobia for the patient and, sometimes, fails to provide an adequate image to accurately diagnose the issue. At Vertical Plus MRI, we use upright, open MRI machines that alleviate these concerns.

Comfort & Better Results

Because there are no enclosed spaces, an open MRI machine removes the feelings of claustrophobia. You have your images done in an open area, allowing you to enjoy a less stressful and more comfortable experience. With an open configuration, a larger range of positions can be accommodated. In many cases, symptoms only become apparent in a weight-bearing position, which is only possible in a FONAR open MRI machine.

With our upright MRI, you will be positioned appropriately for the type of scan needed to best focus on your symptoms. Flexion, extension, and weight-bearing images can detect pathologies that may be hidden in images where you are in a prone position thereby providing physicians with a more complete, accurate study.

Your Results

Your images are sent via teleradiology systems to the radiologist, who then reads and dictates the report on that day. Those results are then faxed to your referring physicians within 24 hours of the test. The radiologist is available by telephone to consult with your physician as necessary, and you leave the facility with a CD copy of your study images that can be shared with the ordering physician.

Ensuring Your Comfort

Your comfort during the imaging process is among our highest priorities. Our approach reduces claustrophobia and anxiety without the need for sedation. You can even watch TV during the scan.

Man Watching TV During MRI

Payment Made Simple

Our team accepts Workers' Compensation cases, Medicare, auto accident claims, and most commercial insurance plans and HMOs. When you make your appointment, we will verify your insurance and inform you of your deductible and co-pay. 

As an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility, there are cost savings to you even with insurance, compared to hospitals and hospital-affiliated centers—at Vertical Plus MRI you are receiving superior images and customer-patient satisfaction. You can count on Vertical Plus MRI to fulfill all of your medical imaging needs.